Renaissance Family

Near where I live is a family that runs a farm. Jack and Laurie have two children and together they maintain a five acre spread of land. I recently had dinner at their house and was greatly surprised to learn what they do during their day. Many times when I drive past their place I have often wondered how they keep a farm going and never seem short of anything.

During dinner Jack mentioned that they rise at about 5:30 each morning and right away the coffee is turned on and the television satellite is activated to find out how the stock market is behaving that morning. “The stock market?” I asked Jack. “Yes indeed,” he replied, “I never took any courses in learning about the stock market, only my own readings and a little common sense.” Jack and Laurie used to live in New York City… was their dream to one day surround themselves with nature. Their house is beautiful and a nicer family you could not meet. Throughout the day they milk cows, and make cheese, which they sell to local markets. The most important aspect of their lives is the time that they donate to helping others. It is not uncommon to see Jack and Laurie at a local hospital or senior citizen center, on a Friday evening. Why do they do this? Laurie mentioned that the money they have made in the stock market over the past twenty years, they look upon as a blessing, and an opportunity to give back to those less fortunate.

So why is this a Renaissance Family? In a 24 hour period it is not unusual to find these people wearing many hats that include stockbroker, farmer, parent, mechanic, volunteer, and teacher. They believe that in order to have a healthy and successful life, one must learn many trades and foster many talents. To them, the days of just having to do one or two things in life are past.

So has your family also become a Renaissance Family? Many today are, without realizing it. Do you find yourself wearing many hats also, to accomplish the tasks of the day? We always seem to be so busy at looking at our shortcomings, while not acknowledging the gifts we offer to ourselves and our families. Within a Renaissance Family, everybody chips in. There is always somebody who knows something different. It could be screwing in a light bulb, painting a wall, or even knowing how to activate and use the VCR!!! In the Renaissance Family there is room for all to express their talents. Let’s dedicate the year 2001 to the Renaissance Family, and may it prosper and grow for many many years to come……………..

Live long and prosper,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

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