The Struggle

The time of life between birth and death is simply known as “The Struggle.” The space of time where we make our contributions to the Book of Life. Joy and pain, ups and downs, successes and failures……these are terms we get to know all too well through The Struggle.

I truly believe that Life is a learning process….the more we learn the better we become at handling the next steps ahead. If we don’t take time to look at our mistakes, we are destined to repeat them over and over again. As each year rolls by we become more and more responsible for what the future may deliver. A ten year old child cannot be expected to have the same insight and life experience of a fifty year old. Life should be looked upon as a fine wine…..with age, the taste gets better.

In a society that caters too much to the first twenty-five years of life, far too little is focused upon the experience gained through age. Hopefully, through The Struggle, we acquire the knowledge that is needed to make sense and give purpose to our own individual lives. Many of us feel alone in The Struggle, while really we journey through it together. A human family that shares life daily….far too many times seeing the differences while ignoring the bonds that we have in common.

The baker, the homemaker, the craftsman, the teacher, etc……all are roles that we assume to provide the means that are necessary on the stage of life. The newborn child and the dying person can see the purpose to life. During The Struggle we must fight to hold on to the purpose of our existence. When we forget, is when we run into trouble and veer off course. Hopefully, we can reestablish the direction we were originally heading toward. I don’t believe we are accidents……The Struggle provides the evidence to prove that we are not.

Struggle On,

Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

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