The Face of God

We all are a speck on the face of God. Inside each one of us is the possibility for a miracle. The tools are there, and all it takes is for us to pick them up and help change not only our own world, but of others too.

On a starry night if one looks up at the sky and sees the wonder of the Universe, the depth and the distance between the stars is enormous. Yes, they too hold a place on the face of God. Everything is interconnected, like a huge chain that stretches to the end of time. The past, the present and the future all have a place on that chain. The face of God has room for everyone and everything, each part unique and special unto itself, while one thing remains the core of it all……Love.

Each day if we allow ourselves to see, we get a glimpse of the face of God. It could be an unexpected gesture, a family celebration, a gathering around the morning cup of coffee, or, a blessed event. The enjoyment and hope that life is cherished is present each day, if we allow ourselves to see. Each one of us is just as important as the next person and all are equal in the face of God.
Now, if only we could convey to more people around the world that perhaps we all are part of the face of God, maybe we could solve more problems and decrease our differences. For if all we do is look at what separates us, we are doomed for one outcome. Many groups worldwide lay claim to exclusive rights to the face of God, when in reality the face is owned by no single man or woman.
There are many thing to learn in life…..but maybe one of the most important is that we leave this world a little better for having been here. That would truly bring a smile to the face of God.

Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

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