Recently one of my friends mentioned to me that he attended his 25th High School Reunion. He was surprised how few showed up. Thankfully, two of his teachers were still at the school…..and they said, that as time goes on, more and more former classmates come back. My friend said to me, “Jennifer, one thing’s for sure….for me, the good memories have been heightened with age, and the bad ones seem to have fallen by the wayside.”

For many, time is a strange healer. It can take our years, and heal our wounds at the same time. My high school days seem closer to me now then they were ten years ago. How can that be, you may ask? Well perhaps because I now can realize how important those memories are. I still have a good relationship with a couple of my high school girlfriends….we always send birthday and Christmas cards…we never stay out of touch for too long. Times may change, and even the school itself, but graduation year a group of people shared something in common, that only those within that group can understand……kind of like a team that wins a championship……they too are bonded forever.

So how about you? Do you ever wonder what happened to the members of that class you graduated with? Have you kept up any friendships over the years? Have you been back for a reunion? One website I would like to pass along, where many classmates can find each other is: Check out your school….see who you can re-connect with. Many of our fellow students may have spread across the four corners of the world……but luckily the Internet has a way of bringing them back together. Yeah, I know…..we may not be the same people we were in high school, but like that championship team, we share a history.

I like to look at reunions as a way to rekindle the past……and using it as a scope to chart the future. A wise man once said, how can you know where you’re going, if you’ve forgotten where you’ve been? Our lives are laden with relationships we’ve had….some we may choose to forget, but others we may want to revisit.

Say hello to the past,
love, Jennifer
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

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