The Cake

As we all know, for a cake to be baked the ingredients must be mixed together to create a “piece de resistance.” Nothing brings a smile more to a baker’s face than to see his/her creation at the center of the table, surrounded by grins. The greatest chefs of the world look upon cooking and baking as an almost spiritual endeavor. People pay large sums of money for the best tasting recipes. Would it be fair to expect the chef to bake a cake in sections?….of course not. Then why do we expect the world to form a circle when it divides into sections?

A union is when parts come together to form a whole. It could be a family, a circle of friends, a successful business, an orchestra, a country. A molten mosaic that melts together to form wonder. If the cake is the metaphor, it can also be applied to numerous situations. If we as societies or families break off into groups, then to gain strength, at some point the pieces must come back together, or surrender to fragmentation. The cake must be baked whole. The chef wants delicious delicacies to bring his customers back again and again….the recipes are refined each time to win over the palate.

For me, God is the chef….we as a global society are the cake. In a family, we are all ingredients in each other’s lives. Whatever it is that we do as human beings we must never lose track of the focus on the cake. The Beatles, made up of four individuals, came together to create a fifth element…that was greater than each individually. Different ingredients mixed together have always been known to create hybrids. If God is the chef, then we have to be available as ingredients for Him to bake the cake. All ingredients are needed for the cake, in His eyes. The chef can only bake with what’s available…so as a human family in 2003, are we available? It’s so easy to blame the chef….

the miracle is in the blend,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2003 Jennifer Avalon

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