The Fog

I’m sure, like me, you’ve gotten into your car on a foggy night and with your highbeams on, had problems cutting through the density. All around the vehicle is a haze….that obstructs the vision. Once one enters a fog, direction and judgment can be impaired. Memory is the fog’s enemy. As we navigate the road, if we remember it’s bends and turns, we can arrive safely at our destination.

In life, there is sunshine, there is rain, and there is fog. We can wear our shades for the sun, open umbrellas for the rain, but the fog….ah….that is a totally different matter. John Carpenter directed a movie thriller called, “The Fog.” The premise of the story was about a small town that on some nights, the fog would envelop the surroundings and leave, taking people with it. Quite strange, isn’t it? Well in life, in a quirky way, we too can get lost in the fog. Like our beloved automobile, our judgments and relationships can be obscured by the fog. We think we’re going left, but we may be going right. We may feel we’re going up, when really we’re going down. The fog has a mysterious way of playing with our minds. Life in the fog can be treacherous. But the fog….it fears the wind.

When our life is engulfed by fog, the wind provides new air, clarity and relief. As foggy as things may look, somewhere there is a breeze for the asking. A breeze that can bring a new light through the haze. Just the belief that it exists, gives one the strength to cut through the mist of illusion. If reality truly is a state of mind, we have an influence over the moment.

Sherlock Holmes solved many of his mysteries through the fog of London. Through deduction, foresight, and evidence he solved the case. As his sidekick Dr. Watson used to always say, “Holmes, how did you come up with that?” Sherlock would reply, “It’s elementary my dear Watson….elementary.” I do believe, just like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson…..we too can solve our cases through the fog.

It’s elementary:),
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2003 Jennifer Avalon

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