Most of our day to day existence is based in the temporary. We eat food, and it’s gone, we attend a movie, and it’s over, we go to work and we come home…a beginning, middle, and an end…..the ingredients of the temporary. Nothing ever stays the same, even when we want it to. The temporary is a society, where Time and Space sets the rules.

Our problems and troubles begin when all we see and put our faith in is this temporary form of existence. Materialism makes the perfect vehicle for the temporary…it enslaves us in the moment, where our choices are limited. A trap that many of us can easily fall into, where we try to buy or purchase away a problem. We feel depressed, upset, or blue, so we head off to a department store, let our minds wander, and buy at will. We take our trinkets home, and after a few hours, we are right back where we started. Confused, and upset, we are dumbstruck, wondering why we couldn’t rid ourselves of dilemmas. Much of life’s woes are extended because of our belief in the temporary. We attack the superficial and surface of our problems, while ignoring the core enemy of happiness and contentment.

Time passes while we move through space, while our physical bodies age. We may slow down the hands of time, but we cannot stop them. Everywhere we go we are told to embrace the temporary…do this, do that, buy this, buy that. A collection of instant orders of gratification, that flees with each passing moment, until eventually there is much more to life than the temporary…it is at that point we regain our purpose. We are born, and we die…but our souls live on. The soul is the essence of who we are. It is the one part of us that is truly timeless. To find peace, comfort, and joy, all one has to do is to enter the doorway to the soul, which is the connection to the Heavens.

Simplicity is the language of the soul. There is no complication to life. Look into the eyes of a newborn child, or the eyes of a dying heart….and it all makes sense. It’s the time in-between where it can look complicated. I have a sign in my office that says, “The Soul is the Center of the Day.” It is there to remind me to build my life around my soul….not to wrap my soul around my life.

Simply yours,
Jennifer Avalon
© 2003 Jennifer Avalon

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